About Pristine8.6+

Spring Water

Selected spring with the best water quality.

Pristine8.6+ Product Gallery

Available for personal and corporate needs!

Consumer Pack:
Pristine8.6+ 400ml
Pristine8.6+ 600ml
Pristine8.6+ 1500ml
Pristine8.6+ 19L Gallon

Pristine8.6+ Characteristic

Not only hydrating your body, Pristine8.6+ helps to maintain your health from your daily activity.


High pH water for our healthy body.

Japanese Technology

Manufactured with No.1 Japanese Ionization technology from Nihon Trim.

Selected Spring Water

Produce from selected spring located at Mt. Gede Pangrango that analyzed in Japan.

Do not hesitate to drink Pristine8.6+. High pH water with Japanese quality!